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This item has been designed mainly for wood pieces which are maximum 33 cm long; it is equipped with a sati- nized stainless steel handle and a steel body 3 mm thick. The rear wheels have 150 mm diameter. The revolving front wheels permit the manageability and practicalness of movements. All four wheels are made of grey rubber that allows to pass also on delicate floors without damaging or scraping them. Venere has also a lower opening which is useful to place fire lighters, small coal-shovels, matches and other accessories. It is powder coated in opaque black color.

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Founded in 1997, Apros has become an international reality that counts the widest range of flue piping products on the market. In its more that 20 years of activity, the company has also added to its core business the production of elegant and refined log baskets and pellet holders, which will allow you furnish your fireplace with taste.


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